The editorial team has changed lately: First, Laurent Davezies (CREST-ENSAE) joined the Annals in January 2016 as co-Editor in charge of (applied) econometrics, and Julien Matheron (Banque de France) joined the team in January 2017 as co‑Editor in charge of macroeconomics. Laurent Davezies replaced Xavier d’Haultfoeuille (CREST-ENSAE) who had been co-Editor from 2013 to 2015. Julien Matheron replaced Patrick Fève (TSE) who was co-Editor from 2013 to 2016. Finally, I have the privilege and the responsibility of replacing Pierre Picard (CREST-École polytechnique) as Editor since January 2017.
First of all, the whole team of Editors would like to thank Pierre for his longstanding work for the journal. Indeed, Pierre started as an associate Editor in 1985 (for the Annales de l’INSEE), then he became co-Editor in 1997, a position he held until 2002. After a deserved vacation from the editorship of this journal he was asked back to duty and became Editor between 2013 and 2016. In 2013, the journal already had its current English name thanks to the efforts of the previous and industrious Editor Robert Gary-Bobo (CREST-ENSAE) who was (between 2009 and 2012) the first Editor of the Annals of Economics and Statistics.
Under the direction of both Pierre and Robert, the Annals successfully managed the move from French to English (in 2010 precisely), and joined the JSTOR platform in 2014. Anyone who has met Pierre and Robert knows they are both pleasant professionals who have instilled a good spirit in the management of the Annals. Since 2009, the journal has also benefited from the work of Martine Germond whose dedication as editorial assistant has always kept the Annals on the right tracks. Finally, the presence on the web of the Annals relies on the dedication of Sri Srikandan.
The new team of Editors of the Annals will strive to keep the high standards set by Pierre and Robert, especially in terms of the quality of the referee process and of its speed. The goal is still to reach a (first) decision on every manuscript in less than three months, ideally two months. A journal like the Annals should be attractive to all potential authors and the speed with which manuscripts are handled is very important. One (technical) step in this direction is the adoption by the Annals, in January 2017, of the editorial software Editorial Express. The software, already used by many prestigious journals, should help us to be swifter. We also plan to reduce the publication lag (the period of time between acceptance and publication) which is already rather good.
We especially hope that the Annals will help young scholars to publish and disseminate their work as fast as possible. The bar will be the same for them as for anyone else but the referees will be more careful to help them write a good paper, and the Editor will be careful to ensure a quick decision. A special effort will be thus made to promote submissions by young researchers, particularly those completing their doctoral dissertations.

Laurent LINNEMER | Editor


NUMBER 125 / 126 – June 2017


A Tribute to Edmond Malinvaud. Introduction to the Special Issue (pp. 1-7)
Jacques Mairesse, Pierre Picard, Alain Monfort and Alain Trognon

Aversions to Impatience, Uncertainty and Illiquidity (pp. 9-39)
Marie Allard, Camille Bronsard and Christian Gouriéroux

Edmond Malinvaud’s Contributions to Microeconomics (pp. 41-56)
Guy Laroque and Bernard Salanié

Some Thoughts on Capital Accumulation, Innovation, and Growth (pp. 57-78)
Philippe Aghion and Peter Howitt

Edmond Malinvaud and the Problem of Statistical Induction (pp. 79-111)
Michel Armatte, Annie L. Cot, Jacques Mairesse and Matthieu Renault

Fragmentation and Wage Inequality: Insights from a Simple Model (pp. 113-134)
Juan Carluccio, Ivar Ekeland and Roger Guesnerie

Edmond Malinvaud – an Economist’s Econometrician (pp. 135-151)
Peter C. B. Phillips

Malinvaud on Macroeconomic Policy (pp. 153-164)
Henri R. Sneessens

Managing Natural Capital in Line with Malinvaud’s Approach to Efficient Allocation of Capital (pp. 165-168)
Claude Henry

Mr Malinvaud and Econometrics (pp. 169-185)
Pascal Mazodier

Consistent Pseudo-Maximum Likelihood Estimators (pp. 187-218)
Christian Gouriéroux, Alain Monfort and Eric Renault

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